What is a Slow-Mo Video Booth?

A Slow-Mo Video Booth is the evolution of the photo booth. Instead of a couple photos, our camera continuously takes 1,200 HD pictures in 5 seconds and plays them back instantly in stunning slow motion.

Each slow motion clip will play back twice on our big screen monitor, giving everyone a chance to check out their video.

How do the guests get their videos?

We have many ways for you and your guests to get their videos depending on the package you order:

A fun, flashy 3-4 minute montage video of all the best videos (most popular)

All videos uploaded to our Vimeo page 3 days after event

Instant uploads of everyones individual clip to Vimeo

What do I get with my Slow-Mo Video Booth?

A professional videographer operating the video camera and booth

A motivator, helping guests creates fun and exciting moments!

All of the ingredients to make the booth a hit i.e. confetti, fake money, squirt guns, party hats, etc.

Instant playback on a TV so everyone can watch the fun

Edited montage video, (if desired) of all the best Slow-Mo-ments (3 day turnaround)

What happens in a Slow-Mo Video Booth?

When guests come to the booth we give them party props. They have 5 seconds to get wild or be silly in front of the camera. Instant playback will begin as those 5 seconds are shown in super slow motion. Ridiculousness ensues.

What do I need for my Slow-Mo Video Booth?

A 15′ x 15′ space

90 minutes for us to set up the booth

2 six foot tables & 1 cocktail table (for the TV monitor and to lay out the party props)

Signed agreement & deposit

Where can a Slow-Mo Video Booth take place?

Anywhere! We are located in Los Angeles (We can travel to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, & New York)

We do private parties, weddings, birthdays, wrap parties, corporate events, holiday parties, you name it!

What is the cancellation policy?

Client must give 48 hours notice

What if the venue for my event doesn’t allow confetti?

No problem! Some venues don’t allow confetti, but we have many options for fun props that don’t make a mess. We’ll bring balloons, bubbles, squirt guns, streamers… we can even bring a snow machine for a small additional fee.

Does the Slow-Mo booth create a mess?

After each guest leaves the booth, we quickly clean up as much confetti & other props as possible. We like to keep your booth looking classy throughout the event, and before we leave, we’ll make sure at least 95% of the confetti is cleaned up.