Welcome to Slow Moments: The Evolution of the Photo Booth

Forget photos. Capture Moments. Take your party to the next level with a slow-mo booth!

Photo booths are a thing of the past – think outside the box and entertain your guests with something totally different.

We give you the props, you and your guests jump in front of the camera, and unforgettable moments are made. Our state-of-the-art camera captures 10 times more frames than average cameras which creates the slow-mo magic. We instantaneously play back each moment in super slow-mo for all to see on a TV.  Everyone at your event will scream, shout and laugh to tears as they watch every detail.

Throw confetti, make it rain with a stack of Benjamins, slap your friend across the face, or steal a kiss with your main squeeze — it’s your moment. A few days after the event, you’ll have the option to receive an edited video montage to share online and make anyone who missed your party, wish they hadn’t.

Bring moments to life at your next big event with a Slow Moments slow-mo booth!